Sports: Soccer

The last time I spoke of the American Sports was away in the dark distant past of November 2010 with Baseball, Hockey and American Football. Since then, however, I have not only played American Football (albeit, the Flag version) but I have also been to see my first and second NBA Basketball games. It might be telling that I have yet to blog these escapades because, really, the sport dulls me to my core. However, for posterity, they will be blogged at some point, if not to vent and rant, but also to pinpoint the problems that I have with that particular branch of sport.

Instead we will delve into the prickly topic of the advent of Soccer in the United States of America and Canada. You see, soccer's had a rough time of it in the North American state with the countries being few in the entire world not to have the sport as their national pastime. Indeed, so reluctant they are of soccer and it's world-busting appeal, they have four major sports to take up instead, as well as a marked disdain for the actual use of the feet in a sport. I have little desire to follow soccer in it's weekly enthralling matches due to lack of entrenched enthusiasm whilst growing up so I decided that the visit to the Houston Dynamo would be a limited experience mostly there to just tick it off the list.

Sport: Soccer - MLS
Team: Houston Dynamo
Stadium: Robertson Stadium
Cost: $20 (which included free beer and food at the tailgate before the game)
Opponents: Colorado Rapids (who are the current MLS Cup Champions)

The game itself was atrocious. I mean, beyond purely funny and actually moving into digracfully bad territory. In a strange way, it was worse than I had expected, joking to Connie that her true first game would've have been a Pollok Juniors game at Newlandsfield, but the quality of these young men playing in that league were barely under that on display in a televised professional league that is supposed to compete with the other sports in the nation. It is woefully back ward, missing skill, power, venom, and any sort of drive. The lack of force by most of the players in their style was confusingly put against their utter lack of patience when playing - rarely was there ever a tackle needed due to the multitude of missed passes, dreadful touches and even more embarassingly, random ricochets of heads, legs and chests. Do you know what it looked like?

My school playground.

In saying that, it was fun, a good night out, and the set up was typically American, with a fly-by of a US Coastguard Helicopter, confetti explosion at the only Dynamo goal, and the chanting and dancing of the multitudes of Latino supporters that the game has in this country. All in all, a very enjoyable game and night was had even though it was mildly disappointing. The MLS has a long way to be worthwhile investing in it, but there's the catch 22 - to be able to have a product worth selling they need investors, and David Beckham and others might be the first generation, but it will start to build up.

Soccer here gets a D rating. However, I think I might be a Dynamo fan after all.