Brutal Honesty

Imagine that someone who you have enjoyed talking to over some food and beer suddenly asks if you are enjoying your time in Texas.  That person is Texan.  My answer is the same no matter who it was that was asking: YES.

Yes, this time in Texas has been amazing.  Actually, it's been very hard to describe into words what it has meant to me, so that's why I've struggled to exactly 101 posts since the year away started.  The sports, the weather, the food, the people, the memories, the travelling... it's been an experience of a lifetime - quite literally.  I nod and say, "Yeap, Texas is pretty amazing".  The next question that is asked is one that maybe I should've taken a little bit more time to answer; "Would you stay if given the option?".

The answer to that question is "No".  I realised quickly that I had probably quite insulted the fellow, but it really shouldn't be insulting.  I just can't live in Texas.  The reasons are numerous (and warrant a whole post, or series of posts, most likely) but they aren't bad.  As I've already said recently, it's not you Texas, it's me.

I just worry sometimes that I might be saying things that are in my opinion critiques that, in some people's eyes, might be seen as an affront to the State; they are not intended that way, I am just being honest, brutal as that may seem.