Life Through a Pretentious Lens

My "series" of posts that just showcase photographs of things that I have seen and done have been fun for me to put up.  Recently, however, I have been taking better photos with my new DSLR Camera that can really take good photos.  I am going to get a tripod and start taking photos of the night sky, which should be excellent fun, but also to take long exposure shots and stuff of that ilk - pretentious stuff, indeed.

Also, on my iPhone I have installed a smattering of apps that allow me to fiddle with my photos taken on there.
Instagram is the best, that allows me to directly upload photos from my camera to Twitter, Flickr and Facebook, as well as my Instagram feed.  It allows for some effects to be added to the pictures as well, but mostly I use it for the sharing aspect.
Photoshop Express is amazing - it allows me to change up some details of photos taken to quite a high degree, alloqing me to straighten, clear, blur, sharpen... loads of little tools that make it worth while.
Diptic is a new one that allows me to create easily developed slide, with more than one photo on each slide, to create really nice presentations of photos.

Also used is 8mm, a kind of video version of Instagram's effects that makes video files look old, and the old Hipstamatic that created a whole host of dreadful albums on Facebook of vintage photos last year.  It's pretty good, but the menu system is clunky.

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