Shite Comedy Films

Name me a good comedy film from the last few years and I will show you a comedy where cunts and idiots get their way for no apparent reason.  This only really became obvious when I was watching the movie Due Date; this was simply a vessel for which two actors to act like fannies (without any reproach) for the sake of comedy.  I hated both characters, so when they both need up royally fucked for breaking international laws (crossing the order in Mexico with drugs, for example) I was happy and hoped they got locked up for good.  Obviously, this didn't happen, and I wondered why I was supposed to care that it didn't.

It happened again when watching Hall Pass - two unattractive wankers getting some maddening free time from their attractive and, to be honest, out of their league women, who they had somehow tricked into marrying them.  Who, in their right mind, would even consider such a conceit in a relationship, never mind what type of guy who even fucking consider that in his marriage. Surely it is on the same level of the "seeing other people" break some marriages end in.  The two characters in this film dream of nothing else than to pump some random bird.

Stop Looking at This Now.

This is a worrying trend for the mainstream film and I concede it is related to the lack of redemption.  The whole idea of the Hangover is that these guys fuck up royally and get their arises handed to them in a series of ridiculous but stupid events but, in the end, they redeem themselves - the one that hates his wife leaves her, the one that was doubting his family kinda comes clean (but is still a wank, natch) and the weird one realizes it's cool to be weird anyway.  Good! The whole thing is undone with a sequel that essentially drops all this progression for the same plot, which means that the same journey is going to take place anyway.  It's to do with the male getting their fantasy at the expense of artful witty and clever comedy; instead we are treated to gross out filth driven Youtube-able versions of the same storyline.  

Imagine trying to make Airplane! now - instead of the Jive-talking Homies you'd get some referential bullshit to Glee and some jokes about how Ted Striker was a total jerk, instead of having some "drinking problems".  Where has the subtly gone? Where has the visual joke gone?  All that we would need to do to make them even more obnoxious is add a Two and a Half Men laughter track to the fucking mix.

It pisses me off - look at some classic comedy films and you'll see they are quite similar, but differ in such a base way it's shocking that people are getting away with it - let's take Groundhog Day, and Phil Connors, the total bampot cunt, and his journey. He gets stuck in the one daythat is the most cuntish and then has to figure a way out of by becoming a better person and finding love.  It's called REDEMPTION.

Liar Liar is the same arc, as is a multitude of good comedy films, with added Jim Carrey-ish nature of Jim Carrey.  But there's REDEMPTION. Even the good ones this year ignore this void - the best being Paul, a perfect pitch to a clever story road trip with likable characters and the film soars against its competition because of it.  Bridesmaids, PRed as the female Hangover, has like real characters that feel real, even if they are maddeningly fucking border line retarded when it comes to men.

Where are the films that have real comedy with real people, not utter assholes?  Where? They are nowhere to be seen because The Hangover 2 ripped a billion dollars in 4 hours. It what the masses want. It's what the writers have the most experience in writing, and the actors enjoy making them.

We are screwed.