Ever since I was a small Scout, anytime I was bitten by anything it would come out in these great big welts on my legs and arms.  These are mostly midge bites, as we call them, or "no-see-ums" if you're from the North American lands.  They are the scourge of camping in the UK, and in particularly, Scotland.  They don't hurt per se, but they are annoying.  Indeed, it does hurt afterwards, when my legs are covered in red dots and itchy as all hell, then they are very FUCKING annoying.  I take from the reaction my body has to these little pests is because I am so manly and my immune system is all Lord of the Rings into Mordor on the bites asses.

We even make an industry of getting rid of the little bastards.

But, if I even considered that my puny little bites in the UK were sore, nothing would prepare my immuno-response to the assault that this year has inflicted on my skin.  Mosquitoes, Sand Fleas, and most recently bloody ticks, have left my with marks all on my ankles, arms, neck, face and even, my left shoulder.  If I thought my shingles from last year was uncomfortable on a plane, a range of mosquito bites on my left underarm is one way of putting that into perspective.

However, if you thought that was bad, which is was, my cohort in exchange Joe suffered a total and utter mauling at the hands of fire ants - 21 counted bites on his right ankle, several more on his left.  A swelling akin to a really powerful erection came forth and he had to run to the pharmacy to cool it down.

I don't like being bitten.  At least by fucking flying moths and ants and shit like that.  Don't get me started on WASPS