Life Through a Pretentious Lens Volume 2

Some more photos taken by myself.  These date from several different moments, mostly are from the archive.  I regard some of these as the best photos I have ever taken.

Life Through a Lens Part I
Life Through a Lens Part II
Life Through a Pretentious Lens

Hill walking in Northern Scotland, 2009 
Streets of Bruges, quiet and still unusually, 2009

Large contemporary suspension bridge in City Centre Rotterdam, 2009

Me, standing in the Atlantic Ocean off the West Coast of Ireland,  2010. Taken by Shayan Komai.
Lovely river going through the town of Donegal, 2010

Georgian Bay in Parry Sound taken from the Salt Docks, 2010.

First Maple leaf of the fall in Whitestone Lake Resort, 2010

"The Toll". Travelling from 17 hours and with still a train journey to go. No sleep for around 30 hours, 2010.
Rouken Glen lake during the big freeze of 2010, 2010.

Ice Fishing with Abe, 2011.

New York City; the Empire State Building, 2011.

A gull on Alcatraz Island Reserve, 2011.

The Golden Gate to the Golden State, 2011.

The Grand Canyon I, 2011.

The Grand Canyon II: The Colorado River, 2011.

JFK Memorial, downtown Dallas TX, 2011.
The Forth Bridge effected by Instagram, taken in 2010 and modified in 2011.  Personally, I love this piece of engineering and this photo is one of my al time favourites, partly because of the effects, but also the original version has Connie in smiling.  Two of my favourite things in the world in one picture.  The order of the two should be obvious to anyone who knows me...