Statistics on My Music: The 2011 Update

Last year I wrote a post that was dedicated to naming (and shaming) those artists which I had listened to the most since 2006 using the tracking site  I am still using it, on my Mac and my iPhone.  The biggest change this year so far has been that Spotify, that syncs directly, has had to cache its scrobbles because I don't have a dedicated internet connection on my iphone; this might have distorted the results slightly but not by much.

This time, I have a total of 50894 scrobbles (as of July 16th 2011).  I am currently listening to Arab Strap, so the numbers will change slightly during the drafting of this post - if you want the up to date list, click here and see my profile.  Why not friend me?  It also means that in the last year, I have added 15'000 new tracks to my scrobbles.  Quite a feat.

My current overall artists:
1. Boards of Canada 1'712 UP
2. Belle and Sebastian 1'394 DOWN
3. The Walkmen 1'055 UP
4. The Smiths 1'039 DOWN
5. Idlewild 973 DOWN
6. Interpol 945 DOWN
7. Elbow 840 EVEN
8. Mogwai 835 UP
9. The Twilight Sad 791 UP
10. Radiohead 741 UP

We have lost Modest Mouse, Manic Street Preachers and Arab Strap from the top ten (Arab Strap and Modest Mouse are 11 and 12 respectively).  Also, Radiohead and The Twilight Sad are finally in it, reflecting much more my current listening.  In fact, if you notice that the distance between Boards of Canada and Belle and Sebastian, you see that compared to last year, the distance between 1 and 2 is greater; there was only 27 plays between them last year compared to around 360 this time.  Quite a jump.

Also, interestingly, The Smiths have only had 65 plays all year.  That's a massive drop year on year.  I have very rarely listened to The Smiths all year.  I have moved on quite a bit.

It also probably showcases that my Boards of Canada obsession is rather high.

Top ten overall albums:
1. Boards of Canada - Geogaddi 539
2. Boards of Canada - Music Has the Right to Children 470
3. The XX - xx 434
4. The Walkmen - You & Me 416
5. Modest Mouse - We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank 360
6. The Phantom Band - The Wants 359
7. King Creosote - Bombshell 305
8. The Twilight Sad - Forget the Night Ahead 289
9. Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights 282
10. Manic Street Preachers - Journal for Plague Lovers 259

Okay, so yeah, I like Boards of Canada (click here for a lengthy article about them what I wrote)and this last year I have almost played everything they have ever owned to death.  I managed to get a hold of all their EPs and even the ultra rare Old stuff tapes, Volumes one and two, so that is why they are at the top.  Indeed, most of the list appeared last year, but have all fallen quite a way - even last years vogue, The XX, dropped places and only managed 145 plays.  Not impressive really.  The biggest drop, of course, was the anomaly of Journal for Plague Lovers; it barely managed 12 tracks, not even a full play through of the album's tracks!  Quite a drop.  Also, notice the entry of The Phantom Band in there: it was released in October 2010, so in under 10 months it has managed to rack up 359 plays - 1 play more more than my top album of all time August 2006 to May 2010.  That is impressive.  That kind of fact is why I use and also why I decided to these posts.

Last year I pointed out that the next chart was almost useless; it had mostly track ones; side ones on it.  but never the less, you have to be thorough.

Top Ten tracks of all time:
1. The Phantom Band - O 88
2. The Twilight Sad - Cold Days from the Birdhouse 70
3. The Walkmen - Donde Esta la Playa 59
4. The Walkmen - In the New Year 57
5. The Phantom Band - A Glamour 54
6=. The XX - Intro 53
6=. The Phantom Band - Walls 53
8=. The XX - VCR 52
8=. The Twilight Sad - Reflection of the Television 52
10. The Twilight Sad - I Became a Prostitute 51

Well hello The Phantom Band, nice to see you.  Thanks for coming out.  Less track ones in there than I excepted too, which is  nice to see.  Sorry to see Belle and Sebastian drop out of the list at the expense of The Phantom Band (who appear to be like Barcelona, sweeping the board entirely here) but that is how the chips fall.

As a good barometer, it's nice to check how my 6 Month listening relates to the above charts.  As I pointed out last time, I change my listening habits a lot.  This year's not been so much about The XX and also because I have been scrobbling a lot more frequently, and with better reliability, the numbers above probably fit quite well with my actual habits.

Top ten artists from the last six months:
1. Boards of Canada 765
2. Wild Beasts 424
3. Mogwai 330
4. The Strokes 250
5. Radiohead 248
6. Arab Strap 211
7. The Phantom Band 170
8. Elbow 153
9. Arctic Monkeys 151
10. Found 149

Okay so this is a much better representation of my current musical temperature - it was something of a quizzical thought when I noticed that none of the above charts had had Wild Beasts appear, especially considering that I have been totally obsessed with their most recent album Smother, and their entire back catalogue was picked up by Connie and I.  It is also funny to see The Strokes in there; they were the soundtrack for most of the West Coast American Road Trip, so that makes sense.  Also, there's Arab Strap, pushing up their number from last year and trying to break the top ten - something that will be likely to happen in the coming months as I write a lengthy article about them for Tones of Town.

I am also very happy to see Found stumble bleary eyed into this top ten - look at the company they keep.  You should really check them out if you haven't yet.

As a final note I should point out that over the years my listening has changed a lot, and I have also listened to a lot of music as well.  This means that the artists that I don't listen to, like last years We Are the Physics who appeared in some of the lists when I hadn't listened to them in ages, is less apparent in the lists.  This means very little.  But what it does mean in practice is that my recommendations has become very powerful indeed - only in the last few months has it gave me the aforementioned Found, Admiral Fallow, Eagleowl, and others.

Another footnote: in the last week I have found Bandcamp.  I even registered my planned musical project's name (but the less said about that, the better).  On here I have found numerous bands that, in due course, I will talk about probably on Tones of Town.  So keep an eye on there; but Bandcamp is changing the way I find and listen to music by a lot.

See you next year, I guess.