Wiki Vandal Scandal

The Worlds Smallest Largest Rodeo

I work in a large office and we obvious share IP address between all of the users; some people in the company probably understand that, but don't realise it.  So, when today I was searching Wikipedia for Bulk Modulus information (references to books I could then look up) I noticed that Wikipedia was telling me that I had "One new message".

When you browse Wikipedia it pulls your IP address and logs any changes you make to that IP - and what Wikipedia was telling me was that my IP address had made some changes to the Calgary Stampede page.  The Calgary Stampede is a the world's largest Livestock and Rodeo show, which is sometthing that a Texan (and someone from Houston) might find annoying.

Click to open to see the change.
This is the change that my IP address made; the one on the right is the correct version (the one the Wikipediabot changed it back to), the one on the left is the version created by someone in my company using my IP address to make the erroneous change, probably out of spite.

I found this greatly amusing during a time where I was tearing my hair out at the elusive Bulk Modulus formula.  For completeness, I found this formula that appears to give me what I want - the value for a Hydrocarbon liquid.  Watch out, there's some XXX formula-porn underneath this.


Where E2 refers to the temperature of the liquid in F, and C3 is the Specific Gravity of the liquid.