Lick of Paint

Every so often, I get itchy feet in regards to the design of this blog.  It's mostly, as I said before, because I enjoy changing things and experimenting with the various styles and parts that make up this familiar home.  This recent change is the first of many upcoming flavours.  In addition to the brand new, shiny Social links to the top right of the page (which links to pretty much every version of my online presence, whether you like it or not), I have once again changed the logo header.  This time, it's planned.

See, the image is made up of three separate photos.  These three are of the beach, signifying the summer.  And, each month, or as I see fit, the photos will change with the seasons, showing things and pictures that I created and developed in the previous few weeks.

Think of it as a pictorial version of the lyrical header.