"...been Cancelled"

It's normal for trains to end up being cancelled here and there, maybe due to train failure or a driver missing a change due to being late, or even inclement weather, such as the cliche "leaves on the line" reason that is forever dogging stand up comedian's sets.

What I sometimes don't quite get is how embarrassed the train company appears to get when it happens. They skirt around the reason, almost playing The Game (sorry) with the actual reason for the cancellation or delay. It's like they are closing their eyes, fingers in ears, singing LALALALA and wishing it would all go away. Just tell us why it happened, no shame, and I'd be happy.

No doubt that some of my readers won't feel the same, but when I am rushing for a train and it is suddenly not leaving, I don't feel rage, but more bemusement at the situation. If i were a doctor needing to get to an important surgery it'd be unlikely I'd rely on the train service - my calculations and web browsing can wait.

Especially if it was the 7.50 Aberdeen to Inverurie that I get every morning. Out of 4 weeks of getting the train it has been cancelled twice - a pretty dreadful record for any public transport service. The thing is, unlike most of my fellow travellers, I don't take the train for granted. I am dismayed by many who complain about the transport network in the UK. Sometimes in rare cases it might be legitimate, but the fact we have one, it works fairly well, and is reasonably priced... I think that most people who complain have an inaccurate expectation of what train services can be like.

Ah, but you might say "give it time; four weeks and early September is nothing. Wait until the dead cold of January, after months of it, see how you are feeling then you smug bastard!" and to them I say "bring it on!", whilst searching Auto Trader for cheap Volvos.