A Twitterless Week

It's been a week since I was unceremoniously kicked out of Twitter. I think I have had bad luck for two reasons:
- The first is that I was kicked out on the night before USA's Thanksgiving
- The second is that I have not knowingly broken any of their rules.

See, I found out I had been kicked out (which is what I am calling it
now, rather than being suspended) it was late night on Wednesday for
me (but mid afternoon for the Twitter bots) and I didn't really notice
it. I was surprised and shocked actually, and quite a bit sad about
it. I had suddenly been locked out from my internet, my friends, my
family, and strangely without any reason. I wasn't sent an email
about why I had been suspended, because it was likely to have been a
broken rule. But it was the night before a weekend off for the
Twitter Support team – they even Tweeted about it last week, which is
how I know.

I have since last Wednesday read the rules three times over just to
check that I might have missed a rule that I explicitly broke, which I
can't find. The only things I did on Twiter were chat to friends, send
links, and rant about things that annoyed me – nothing really that
would prick a bot's glancing eyes I think, unless it specifically
looks out for tweets about people not answering phone calls when they
are with held (which was my last Tweet before being kicked out).

You can moan and moan about how it's "just the internet" or "just get another account" but you can fuck off right there – it's not just the
internet, because the internet just isn't anything anymore, and
getting another account belies the point of twitter.

This blog is sheeldz. My email is sheeldz. My Mixcloud is sheeldz
– for want of a better description, sheeldz is my "brand" – it is my
internet name, and twitter have kicked me off my own name. It's like
being told you're no longer allowed to text your friends. It's slowly
annoyed me more and more as the week has progressed, from originally
being bemused and surprised, to be lamentful and annoyed at the bad
timing of it, to now which is just sheer frustration.

All of which brings me to an interesting conclusion – Twitter
shouldn't be a company. See, we might have sleep walked into a bad
moment in history. With telephone calls, texts and emails, letters and
other forms of communication, these were point to point – the method
of delivery was not owned in the same way that Twitter or Facebook are
owned. Twitter are well within their rights to stop me using it as
long as they follow their own procedures to kick me out – if I have
broken the rules, they can tell me to piss off. But without dialogue I
am suddenly left without a valid method of communication, which would have been impossible in the past because my method of communication would be the act of writing a letter not the means of writing a letter – being kicked from Twitter is like being banned from using a pen.

So that's where I am now – annoyed, put out, frustrated, sad and a
little bit let down. Twitter have kicked me out and not told me why
despite saying that they would. So all I can do now is wait and see
what happens. Though, after a week, I am unlikely to be waiting any
longer. I have already started thinking about the best way to modify
my "brand" to a new username, which is a shame.

I created @sheeldz to be me and someone else has taken it from me, and
that's a shame. And if you are reading this and wondering why this is
such a big deal then you don't get Twitter and what it does. I suggest
you look into it – and then smarten up. No one liked those people who
complained about emails back in 1994.