The UnTwitter Diary

A few days ago my Twitter account was suspended. This is annoying for several reasons, mostly because I use it probably too much, but also it's an important way of keeping in touch with friends and family.

Another strange side affect is the sudden impulse to tell people about my day via things I have seen or done - like recently finding a newspaper headline that is simply incredible - see photo.

As I hope to have my Twitter account back in a few days, seeing as I cannot fathom why it was taken from me, I have started an UnTwitter diary - a stream of tweets that would have made it on there. And it will be posted on here at the end of each day until I have my twitter back up and running. This is because my tweets help stablise my insanity, and you don't want me going insane again, do you?

The biggest annoyance that this imposed blackout does is that it cuts me off from my personalised version of the internet - I no longer have pictures, news items and stories being shared to me, and I feel remarkably in the dark.

Finally, I find it funny that the last time I did such a thing, my self imposed Exile, was fun - now, as the rest of the world has caught up to twitter, I feel like I am the one being left behind.