UnTwitter Pt. 1 – 25th November 2011

Until my Twitter account is unsuspended (or Twitter tell me exactly what I did wrong) I am keeping a daily diary of my Tweets that would 
have been posted. 

8:59 AM – I am not convinced by this water bottle I have taken from @Connie_RaeD. Not convinced at all.

9:01 AM – This tweeting with no limits thing is quite interesting. I need to keep myself within 140 characters to make sure this is legit.

9:10 AM – just found the ALT+SHIFT+T time short cut – that will save me a lot of time later on today! :D haha

10.10 AM – wow last night I listened to @danielguntrip and @musicismyradar on the radio and they played The Dismemberment Plan. They're amazing.

10:18 AM – Don't have any cash with me today, so I am stuck eating my lunch but I really fancy a big chicken mayo sandwich. 

11:16 AM – I don't think many people realise that despite "not being on Twitter" I still get the notifications on my iPhone :D

11:17 AM – It feels like I am spying on them. In a good way, of course.

12:08 PM – Really enjoying eating one sandwich these days, and supplementing it with yoghurt, nutrigrain and an apple. And today, an empire biscuit! :D

12:34 PM – Sometimes I worry that no one else knows how good The Phantom Band are.

12:44 PM – The Toronto Blue Jays have updated their logo, which means the one i bought last year is now "retro" :D

1:10 PM – Curry tonight? Why not.

3:44 PM - This day is lame and I am feeling like crap. I don't want to stay much longer. :(

3:45 PM - Update: Still the same.

4:05 PM - I might be able to leave now, but probably shouldn't.

5:01 PM - This guy I am sitting next to on the train is a bastard. Stop elbowing me - read your book better.