The Wednesday Graveyard

A few years ago I started making weekly Spotify playlists thanks, in part, to @Jook's similar set of playlists. I would work them out in the week, build them on a Tuesday evening, and post them around the internet trying to get as many people to listen to the bands I wanted them to as I could. The main reason, of course, was to let people hear and experience the bands and music that I was enjoying of that week.

Fast forward a few months (and rewind a year) and my sister start presenting her show one Strathclyde Fusion "Snap, Crackle and Pop" with @8bitglasses and @DeborahFact. I was immensely jealous of her platform, and conspired against her. The idea popped, ever so briefly into my head, that I could record a podcast.  My sister still does a show on Fusion at 7pm on Thursdays.

Then a few weeks ago @danielguntrip started doing his own show on Edinburgh's Fresh Air station and introduced me to Mixcloud, an impressive idea - you make a one track podcast and upload it with it allowing other people to listen BUT not to download. It circumvents all the nastiness needed to gain rights to a song played that you don't quite own the rights to.

And there we are; up to speed.

So Wednesday Graveyard: "Live" is my show. I have done one to date (check it here) and there will be three further shows in the future. It was meant to be one a week but the Gods conspired against me, throwing two consectutive gigs, an overly long haircut, and a corporate dinner in my way, before a weekend of fun with my parents in Aberdeen.

So, I hope this partly explains it. And maybe makes it less insufferable when you listen to it.

Here is the current Spotify playlist, Wednesday Graveyard Volume 2, which will return when I stop making the "shows". There is a massive 650+ track playlist called the Wednesday Graveyard Almanac that features every song I've ever used in the show as well.