The Return of... Graze

In 2009 I found a website that appealed to me in four different ways:

1. They were internet based.
2. The were quirky.
3. They were cheap.
4. They were making me eat healthier

In late 2011 I found them again – so let’s have another look at

There are a few differences from the box that I used to get – the first difference is the larger size. The punnets are now in fours, not threes. Also, it looks like they’ve jettisoned the fresh fruit angle, and replaced that with dips and breads.

My first box from them in a long time featured some cracking new tastes – the black pepper cashews were a classical favourite, and the rice cracker and chutney was a brilliant new addition. The lemon merainue pie mixture wasn’t up to my tastes, not really the biggest fan of lemon flavoured things, but the winner was the new “artisan” bread.  It was a cheddar, red onion foccacia, which was absolutely devine.

I enjoyed it, as the novelty came back, the price is lower than normal (a half price offer got my to return, natch) and I have a hunger for trying some new things in my daily eating habits. As I noted the last time, I found myself reaching for my nuts rather than anything else.  I have made a concerted effort to eat better since returning to the UK to lose my Texas Fat, and Graze is a guilt-free way of trimming my snack input (which is at an all time low) but keeping my appetite satiated.

If you’ve not tried them out before, drop me a Tweet and you can have a free box.