Wednesday Graveyard: "Live" - The Artwork

A cool feature of Mixcloud is the ability to upload your own artwork for your mixes, and I worked on this with gusto.  Each week had it's own artwork, all of which were photos taken by myself.  These are below with some details on what they are.

The first week. This photo was taken in October on my walk from from work in Aberdeen - it's a shot of the sky at night across the runway at Aberdeen Airport. Interestingly, a second later a plane flew into the sights of the camera that I missed. Which is a shame.

Second week - shot of one of my chairs in my front room. This is where I recorded the first pilot show of the run and it hurt my back tremendously.

Third week - taken at Dyce railway station on in evening in November, it was nice to get this show without anyone in it - normally the other platform, going North, is quite busy.

The fourth week - this show was taken in September from the George V bridge in Aberdeen looking west along the river dee as I walked to five a sides. I love the sun burning through the horizon. It reminds me of an album cover. Not that I am saying it is good enough to be one, of course... :D