The new year is here. It's already heralded some lovely things... a fabulous Christmas and New Year period where I spent time with my Canadian family, lovely gifts from my family, and eternal optimism for the coming new year, something that is infectious and making my partner even more optimistic as each doay goes by. It's likely to be a good year.

Last year was an interesting one - I challenged 2011 to be as good as 2010, and it gave me my highest high and my lowest low, both chronicled on the blog here. Which brings me to my next point - more of my life has been posted on here, and more of my life has happened elsewhere, and this blog is a standing testament to my continued love of writing. As such, this coming year will see some new things.

Firstly, as mentioned last year, I will be writing about my fictional city Yeardley - it'll become more apparent what that entails shortly, but rest assured there is a lot of content there, probably more content than anything else I have written about.  Secondly, I have started to write for another website, the Canadian ran Opinionehted (get it? Opinion-"eh"-ted?) where it's mostly music right now but I am looking to expand into social media, internet and technology. So that's exciting.

So, here's to the new year - and the fifth anniversary of my blog. Wow. Five years... pretty exciting.