The Patience with Idiots.

Here’s a strange thing about me: I am extremely patient. I don’t know where I got it from, nor am I sure how to explain it, but I am very patient with a lot of things and people in my life. This is a defining trait of mine, as is my unwavering stubbornness and nit-picky argument style, something that friends and family have constantly been pointing out (an exercise into ironic futility, it sometimes would appear). 

For example, I can wait for tens of minutes for a bus or train that I know will come. I will sit through endless trailers and adverts if I know the film is coming on. I will stand and bump into many a stranger if I know that a band I like is about to come on. Recently though my patience has been waning, thinning and almost entirely vanishing when dealing with idiots.

This probably ties to another part of my personality – I guess someone might call me a snob, or a snoot. I generally do not like people who actively talk utter bollocks about things they don’t understand. This is probably due to the fact that after working for five years I have slowly been ground down into a fine dust with the barrage of uniformed opinions, speculation and downright idiocy I hear on an almost daily basis. 

It's when I hear utter drivel being spouted by those in various walks of life that really confuses me - I guess that might just be The Way That the World Is (TM) but this doesn't exempt me from thinking that some people are utterly devoid of certain common ideas. And I don't understand why I find it so annoying - surely they must find the same thing with me and my witterings about things; even reading this blog some people must think I am an idiot (or at least an effusive ignoramus) but that might just be life happening.

And I might just have to live with that. We shall see how that goes.

The other problem is that the internet gives anyone the right to talk bollocks, and that is not only the greatest thing about our generation, but probably the downfall of all that is and will be.