Unconnected Miscellany 3

It's been a while since I last posted – I don't know what happened to my verve, but I quite genuinely have several posts and sketches of posts lined up, as well as finishing of a few posts related to the City of Yeardley that I haven't forgotten about. I don't know exactly why I lost The Spark, but it might be related to my recent social life – I've been out, away, and back in several places, meeting several cool people and doing some worthwhile things to enhance my career (and some of which have already made some pretty good changes). So, I have decided to do a further installment of Unconnected Miscellany.

Installments 1 and 2.

The Institute
After a few years of not really paying attention to the IChemE (that's the Institute of Chemical Engineers to those outside the industry) I decided to get my membership in order and start properly moving towards becoming a chartered engineer. The route for me is slightly more convoluted because my degree is not a Masters, but a Batchelors, and in most cases it appears that I will have to do more work and prove my experience further than some of my colleagues who stayed on the extra year at Uni. Ah well. I do now get to put the letters AMIChemE after my degree, so that's a positive.

The Weather Oh man, the weather has been fabulous recently, hasn't it? I love it when it's warm enough in the mornings to be able to renege wearing a jacket and it feels so good. Also, despite my worry, the walking has yet to get boring and has, in fact, become a vital part of my waking up procedure. When driving a hire car to work I feel less awake. This has not affected my recent change in plans to procure a car of some description. Connie and I are working up to finding one that fits our purposes – mostly something big, future proofed, and also cheap to buy. Something second hand, estate and large. I will let you all know how it ends up going.

The New Born
Recently, Connie's sister (and my sister-in-law to be) Randi and her husband Morgan have had the arrival of their newly born son, Cohen Jacob, last week. This was a fabulous thing. It is strange actually – this is the first time I have been an Uncle since day one, and it is exciting and sad at the same time that I won't be able to see him until later this year, most likely at Christmas. The best thing is that Connie is able to go and see him anyway, which is more important, so I will be patiently waiting. After turning my other nephew, Kaleb, onto Sonic the Hedgehog like any good Uncle should, I can't wait to foist my love of Sonic onto another innocent.

The Hillwalking
Finally, I got back up a hill after 3 years of absence. It was a good walk, marred by mildly inclement weather, and my groin giving out after our first lunch break on the side of the hill. It was good overall as my fitness is better than it has been in years (crunches and push ups before bedtime are working, let me tell you) and the actual walking and stamina part was the best I've had since my early heady days as a younger, less beer-friendly Scout. In fact, it has reawaken my love of walking and I need to do more, which has also infected my decision to get a car above. I will post again about my fitness, but let's just say this: I'm under a 32'' waist now I think. My 34'' trousers are alarmingly large. And, as Connie attests to, I appear to have developed "pectorals" where once there were none.