I used to rent a lot of cars, and now Connie and I own one. Back in July of 2011 during the warmest ever heatwave in Toronto history, we went to Canada for a wedding for her cousin. I spent the days in the garden having water fights with Kaleb who tired me out and spent the evenings drinking beer and discussing the intricacies of Rolf Harris, over far too many beers with a brother in law Skyping in on an iPad set atop a baby high chair. It was a lovely holiday and one that ranks as the best short breaks I have ever had.

On the drive back from the wedding the next day (after stopping at Tim Horton's) Connie put the first Wild Beasts album onto the hire car - Limbo, Panto. It was an attempt to get Abe, her brother, to listen to it. One day I'll write about Abe's screeplays - he's a pretty accomplished script writer. 
We left the CD in the hire car. It was a mistake that wasn't noticed until we were unpacking back in Aberdeen a few weeks later.

Only last week we picked up our new car - an object that will feature several times in the coming weeks, because of the new freedom we will have. Interestingly, on a whim, I clicked the CD player button on the car on our first drive after 5 minutes, and suddenly The Verve's Bittersweet Symphony is coming out of the speakers. We had just picked up a CD in our new car.

It's not an exact trade, but something that made us laugh and I'll probably never forget.

Limbo, Panto > Urban Hymns.