A friend of mine (and a great companion to have a few beers with in Manchester) Hayley has had her critically acclaimed blog for a while - I've had it linked to on here for a long time over there on my blog roll - what, you've never looked at them? Well you should, there's some very good blogs on there, most much better than this one that you're reading. Skyliner's great, and is one of a few blogs that have academic actual worth, unlike my own blog right here, which is a mild vanity project and soapbox of a deluded engineer that wishes he'd listened to his english teachers more and more with each passing day.

For example, her blog is Archived by the British Library for goodness sake. That's impressive by all acounts.

Anyway, Hayley's using the Crowdfunding platform to raise funds to allow her to do tours of the areas of Manchester that interest her, and you should help her out! If you fund you'll be getting a free place on a tour, at the very least, and at the best you've helped someone who is doing something that they want to do as a career.