Statistic on My Music: The Milestones

I have posted twice in what is a yearly post about my musical statistics thanks to the scrobbling site My profile is here, and the two previous posts are here and here. I will write a full run down of my statistics in July or August, but right now I am on just over 60000 tracks played since 2006, and I remembered this milestone and found a cool tool that pools my scrobbles and finds the 1000th's milestones.

So, here's a list of the tracks that made my major milestones since 2006.

1. At the Drive-in - Arcarsenal - 12th August 2006
10000. The Walkmen - Flamingos (for Colbert) - 25th September 2008
20000. The Decemberists - We Both Go Down Together - 27th April 2009
30000. Memory Tapes - Pink Stones - 17th January 2010
40000. The Walkmen Juveniles - 5th September 2010
50000. The Phantom Band - O - 30th June 2011
60000. Los Campesinos! - Heart Swells/100-1 - 25th April 2012.