Wednesday Graveyard (Not Live) Returns

I'd like to thank you all for listening to my mixcasts - they are all still available here, so have a listen if you have not yet. I am going to rest them for a while and bring back what preceded them - the "award winning" Wednesday Graveyard series of weekly Spotify playlists.

They will update automatically on this link each Wednesday, so click on that, Subscribe, add it to your synced playlists, and you'll be given a full bunch of new music curated by me every week.

If you want to know how good I am at keeping this up, the current play list is Number 40 and on Wednesday the 9th it'll be number 41. So that's cool.

I have a large almanac playlist available here where almost all playlists and songs that have ever been made by me in the last 2 years... which is cool. Right now there is 666 songs on it, which is amusing, but also over 2 days of music. 2 DAYS. That's right.

Sync them, subscribe, enjoy. :)