The infinitely better half of me, Connie, is running in a 5k for Cancer Research in July. You should donate to her, as it is providing an impressive motivation for her goal to get fitter and healthier, and a by product of that is happier. It's a great goal to have. Click here.

Goals have always been a strange thing in my life, as I can't really remember focusing in on one and heading directly for it. My major personal achievements, such as my degree, or my Scout awards, or my friends and family relationships have all just... I guess, felt like they happened. Sure, my goal from Uni was to get a job I liked and allow myself to continue my hobbies (such as this) and raise a family, but that's the goal of a life, not the moment-goal, the one I want now.

Goals also have seemed like a way to fall. If you aim for a definite target within a time frame I have always worried about missing and failing that particular goal at that criteria. It is something that has plagued me for a long time - probably since I aimed for an A in maths at Higher level and missed out. I felt a downfall there, and one I've buffered myself against probably ever since.

Though, strange as it may seem, I am always rather happy with the outcome of these targets when I think back - I got a B in maths, a good degree at Uni, and the Chief's Scout Award (now the Gold award). These are no mean feats, and I take no ego-inflation from them however, because I don't feel like I really tried - I made it to Uni with my B in maths, so no worry there. My Uni degree might've been better, but it ended up with me having a great job and the money to do what I want. My scouting led me to being a leader for six years, and those six years are still the most rewarding of my life.

Thinking back on these recently with Connie aiming so high and higher for certain goals in the near future has made me realise that I want to change and aim for things - like a move back home, a better job, chartership, owning a house, raising and having a dog and more. Being better with money. But there are all amorphous and useless to score - so instead, I am going to name five things that I will check up on each month, like Laura is doing over on her blog.

I want to know my friends better. I have already taken up emailing friends all over the world each week to keep in touch, but I want to be closer to them. Making an effort is a must.

I sometimes forget how good it is to have my family so close; Connie's are not. This has meant that I want to talk to my sister, cousins, grandparents and mother and father more, getting to know them better as adults than I do now. I want them to be a part of my life more and more, for my sake and for Connie's.

I have recently became disillusioned with the staff/contractor world. I don't think I'm convinced change over just yet, as I have many things still to do in my plan as a staff member, but it's a change that would reap a lot of benefits at a much higher risk. If anything is certain, I want to be more challenged at work and become more confident, leading up to applying to become a chartered engineer by 2013.

I have started to eat a lot better and be a lot more active, playing fives and hillwalking each week. This will also be offset with weights and work on my strength. I have lost almost all of the Texas Weight but I aim to be trimmer and healthier all round.

I need to write more. I need to write for WiFWS, I need to pen that novel I've been working on since 2010, and I will post more about the City of Yeardly. I promise that there are about five posts in skeleton form and 20 planned! I just need some time to work them out... watch this space. Seriously

We shall see how things are going in a few months.