I while ago I made a conscious decision to never stop. Never to stop seeking out new experiences, new life, new music, new movies, new foods and new places to see. I have noticed that some people stop - they live then in their own nostalgia, live in the past, listening and reading and watching things that they have already instead of seeking out the new.

I don't want that - in 2012 I have quite literally never been more on top of new releases in my chosen field, music. There are so many new bands, albums, singles and gigs that I can go and see and listen to and it makes me remember the hunger I had as a young teenager when music was something that I had just found. There was a time when there was nothing more fun than discovering a new band and telling my friends about it; now, instead, I tell an invisible and non-existent audience about it on podcasts, and this has driven me to be in control of my new experiences.

This doesn't just limit to music of course; I am always looking to keep this up in other parts of my life and the drive to do this has accelerated in recent times. I have found myself a partner in crime too, in this goal, and she is forcing me to be even braver. It's as silly as eating new food, or trying new fruits, like avocado which is now a staple in my life. But it's also the drive to keep up doing new things; I have taken up hillwalking with a vengeance now, and since the beginning of May have walked every single weekend, some times even twice a weekend, to push forward. And now the first step has been taken it's easier to keep the momentum going.

It's living, isn't it? Life isn't the amount of money I have (or don't have), nor is it the city I live in, but what I do and who I surround myself with. This blog will be of help too, and despite neglecting it a lot in 2012, I aim to keep writing upon here as it not only spurs me onto new things, but also acts as a rather exciting diary of my life.