Going Back to Glasgow

Back when I started this blog, in late 2006, I was embarking on the first part of a rather crazy journey; my degree was ending, I had just moved out from my parents house, and was slowly coming to terms with my first ever “proper” professional job. In the life span of this blog there has been some pretty important up-heaveals – moving to Aberdeen, my new job, personal circumstance changes, and later moving to and returning from Houston, Texas. In that time, there has been plenty to write about, and now that my life has reached an almost satisfying plateau, it’s time for me and my partner to up root and move on – this time, back down south, for we are moving to Glasgow this summer.

It’s moving home for me, and a big nervy adventure for Connie, because we are leaving the city I grew to call home over the past five years. I am transferring to a new home, a new office, and a new lifestyle – a much more self sufficient, healthy, social life style. One that I have missed, but worked hard to carve out in Aberdeen.

The move has meant that for the first time we will be living amongst my family and friends. The realisation that upon driving back to Aberdeen last week that this would be a trip long forgotten soon was jolting, but rather welcome. Do I know what will become of my life now? Is this the next stage in the platuea?

No, of course not. In fact, just to spice things up, in the past week Connie and I have made some pretty large strides – she was awarded leave to remain in the UK and we have made a commitment to a yellow Labrador puppy. This final point will become more important in the coming months. I’d expect that this blog will become somewhat of a dog-blog, with stories and tales exclaimed on here.

In the end, I never know what will happen and that excites me. It scares me, but it scares me into action. Glasgow is where I grew up and I can’t wait to get back into things I used to do – Scouts is one that is becoming more and more likely. Imagine this blog, five years later, going full circle.

I just don’t expect to end up living with Hyder, Duff, and working for Rock Steady again... though you never know.