Say Hello to Uncle Frank

This is me as I have never been before (fish don’t count). This is me holding my newly born (four weeks old) puppy, Uncle Frank.

Growing up I never had a pet. My father discouraged any suggestion of a pet, and I can’t even remember if my sister or I brought the subject up – pets were just something that all the other people I knew had. It was not my family and was exclusively so. This might shock some of my readers too, especially those in Canada, where having a dog is fourth after Hockey, Tim Hortons and pancakes. And that’s not even a cultural stereotype, it’s brazen iron clad fact. Uncle Frank (Frank for short, emphasised by my parents, once you get to know him) will join the ranks of Mr. Benson, Logan and Hurley, all familial pets in the Shields-Draycott-Gamble-Cookson-Holden... gaggle.

Hurley is a soft coated wheaten terrier poodle mix. Both Logan and Benson share the same father – a mountainous black Labrador, and are various types of chocolate Labrador.  Uncle Frank, the son of Ellie and Tam, a yellow and fox red lab pair, will become the first pet I will ever have had.

Am I ready to have a dog, you might ask, seeing as I really don’t know what I am letting myself in for. I am not sure – that’s part of the fun of course, but it’s something that I have became convinced of recently, that my quality of life would dramatically increase with a dog and Connie agrees with me. It’s another adventure and I am pretty stoked to have a puppy (!!!!).

Admittedly, I did enjoy having a cage for a while. Uncle Frank will have to make do with sharing it with me.