As this post is being written, Team GB stand 3rd in the London 2012 medals table, an incredible position to be in. I have thoroughly been charmed by the Olympics, especially considering my mild cynicism that I'd mentioned previously; in the past two weeks my TV has only ever been on a non-BBC channel three or four times. The amount of sport I've watched has been unrivaled in my recent years, and considering I have no athletic bones in my body, this is a rather inspired turn around.

Inspiration, as it happens, is the main focal point of these games. The biggest hurdle (hur de hur) for the LOCOG was to make it feel like the rest of the UK would benefit. And, as I already touched upon, that's rather difficult. Especially when you consider the impact it's not really having on London's tourism numbers. But there's something that I'd completely underestimated, and it would appear to be the whole point.

Team GB.

The results that Team GB have posted are incredible. Quite simply awe-inspiring. When I think about it, children today have suddenly had a shot in the arm in terms of inspiration, and in the best way possible. In 2012 we are standing at a wonderful medals total of 25 golds - in 1996, Atlanta, which would've probably been my first conscious games as a child, we won one. One simple gold medal - an utterly desparate effort all round.

The funding was increased and now we are a power house in so many sports. It's inspiring me, a 26ish man, to do things. It's inspiring my family. My friends are all glued to the TV. And when my generation needed it, we were shit. Uterly poor. I remember watching Scotland play Brasil at World Cup 1998 and thinking that I'd love to do that. Many kids at that time would've thought the same. And now, children have Olympic champions to push them to do greater things.

If anyone was to point to something that might explain the failure of our current popular culture, I'd maybe finger print the utterly useless and contemptable celebrity lifestyle that praises boring pompous idiots who ride on being famous for being famous. The new focus should be on these new celebrities, but not in the old way - I don't want to know Jessica Ennis' waist size, or have photos of Bradley Wiggins' nights out plastered over my TV or news site, I want to know more about their achievements.

I would love to say that the main thing that London 2012 will bring will be a change to this, but already I see these "new" celebrities being pimped by the rags in the old mould, and that's a waste. Here we have actual heroes who accomplished the best in the world, and we should focus on that. That's what's got to happen to "Inspire a Generation".