Using the rather interesting Scottish NeighbourhoodStatistics site, I’ve compared four of the last places I’ve lived against each other, and Scotland. The results are below.

I have embedded the spreasheet above, to save a silly scrolling mistake on the blog. Click here to see the full thing.

There are a few interesting things to take from it. Mostly, that the statistics are quite useless without context, and that's why I've put the Scotland figures there too. The strange thing I've noticed is that by 2001 prices all of the places I've lived have had lower-than-average house prices. It also shows, starkly, that the crime in Glasgow is vastly different to that in Aberdeen - a tenfold difference in the numbers. Pretty intersting.

Of course, numbers are numbers, and stats really mean nothing. It's just, by some measures, that the places that I've lived are vastly different in demographics.

It is an interesting look at life in modern Scotland.