Further Reasons Why Autumn is the Best Time of the Year

A summary of reasons previously mentioned:

In 2008 I talked about scarves, frost, huff on the windows of buses, football under floodlights, warm jackets and hugs.
In 2009 I talked about scarves (again), the "cold smell", dark nights, tea and coffee, warm jackets (again) and hugs (again).
In 2010 I talked about how I was missing all of the above as I lived in Texas.
In 2011... I totally forgot to mention my love of autumn. Sorry.

And in 2012 my loves have been amended.

Yes, once again I am excited to wear scarves. I already have worn one, to the scorn of my friends who spluttered and laughed when I arrived. I will be wearing as many as I can get my hands on. I'd happily wear a scarf at my desk if it were viable.

Hot drinks
I've mentioned hot drinks before, but this time with a new twist - Connie's favourite thing to do is to go and get drive-through hot drinks, or at least go out to get them. I agree that this is a fantastic revision of the old hot drinks rule, and now with Frank in tow it will be even more fun. Speaking of which...

Walking Frank
Sounds mental - walking a dog at 6am on a cold and wet morn, but so far I've enjoyed it immensley. Frank loves being outside and loves being walked, finally make the association with the leash and jacket combination with freedom and sniffing at the base of street lights. In the morning, especially on weekends, it feels like my own secret wee trapse through the wilderness of the southside. Quiet, dead and empty, like 28 Days Later, but with more vomit outside the clubs and pubs.

The Orange Street Lights
This one is strange one, but one that's perfectly valid - in Aberdeen the street lights are white. This means that this autumn is the first in my graduated life that will be lighted by the Glasgow orange sodium lamps, and it's already highly nostalgic. And I cannot wait for it to snow, but talking about snow (and winter) during a post about autumn is sacreligous.

Gig Season
Another factor in having moved is that starting in October it's gigging season, and there are hundreds more concerts in Glasgow than in Aberdeen during this time of year. I've already signed up for three and wish to go to many more. Brilliant.

A new one this; cannot wait to come home to my lady and my puppy and kick back with a nice glass of single malt. Fantastic.

Big fan of these all year round, of course, but outside, in the cold, with huff around, hugs become a valuable currency.