Wednesday Graveyard: The Specials

I make weekly playlists on Spotify (as you know), I also have made “Live” versions of these playlists (as you know), and I make regular special edition playlists based on a theme (as you know). So, I’ve added some links to these playlists over there on the right of the blog, and this post serves as a catalogue of all the Special Playlists I’ve made; the themed ones.

Some were made as a challenge, but others were made just for fun. Have a listen to them, see what you think.

A playlist of over 30 Jazz and cool blues music selected originally for a 1950s themed Come Dine With Me Night, but now is my go to playlist for calming down. It does need an update, so I’m already working on Volume 2. I promise.

A playlist made for an American friend solely consisting of Scottish artists.

Inspired by High Fidelity and a challenge by Kenny Howie, I made this playlist. It’s fairly good, but I really should revisit it.

Remember this? You can read about it all here, and listen to them all here.

All of the UK number ones on my birthday.

All of the UK number ones on my fiancée’s birthday.

My favourite single tracks from 2011. No exhaustive.

Techno and electro based playlist. I am currently working on the sequel.

A playlist inspired by the IDM of Boards of Canda, but not exclusively electronic music. This is one of my favourite playlists I’ve ever made.

Made for Rob (you should read his blog). It’s pretty damn great. Mostly American pop-rock and indie stuff. It’s really good.

A post-rock based playlist. I good one to listen to if you don’t need to pay attention to what you’re listening to. It’s a great playlist.

My favourite bong theme tunes.

My first collaborative playlist (well kinda). Built in tandem with Jonathan it is the first stage of my classical musical education. I enjoyed it a lot.

A sequel to the Scottish playlist, this one was made for Canadian Thanksgiving. It’s all Canadian artists.

Every remix ever put into my playlists. Seriously. Took ages to make this one, but it was certainly worth it.