The Cloud

A few weeks ago, after many hours of being utterly confused and bewildered by my iPhone and iPad's reluctance, Apple's iCloud thingmy started working. It now means that Reminders and Calendars are synced across my iPhone, Connie's iPhone and the iPad that we share, and would probably go onto the Mac if I would pay for the update. Which I probably won't.

This isn't "The Cloud" though. It's not. It's a cloud storage way of sending stuff to places, but really it's just a nifty way to syncing stuff. I've been using the cloud for a long time - first with Google Docs, which is now Google Drive (and utterly pish) and then with the supremely sublime Dropbox. I can't recommend Dropbox enough - instant syncing with files across my work PC (shhh), my home Mac, and with access via a browser or the iPhone, it's amazing. And it just works.

I don't want automatic updating of photos (though Dropbox did let me get around 1.5Gb for free for trying it, thanks) but the other features - like sharing photos and files and stuff is truly magic. It works so simply.

iCloud is nice. The interface though is shit. It uses that Apple abboration of "skuemophism" where things are meant to look... real, but instead the calender looks like a Adobe Fireworks built in texture. Its awful.

I like the way iCloud should work. And it works pretty well for back up of contacts. But Spotify is my cloud music source, and probably will be until I can afford to host my own files on my own server space (something I am seriously considering).

Anyway, the Cloud is good. I just wish my company would start using it properly rather than just networking a bunch of hard drive together.