Ah Well

I have extolled my love of Twitter many times on this blog, sometimes when it goes badly and other times when it is a force for good or change. But recently I have came to the conclusion that I actually don't particularly like it anymore.

It's mostly because of three things:
1) It takes up a lot of my time.
2) It forces me to procrastinate.
3) I find that people on it are increasingly forgetful about what it does.

In a recent interchange with someone who I shall not name I became sucked into an Internet Wrong argument, one that was utterly stupid, impossible to "win" or end, and was essentially me throwing water balloons at a brick wall in an attempt to render it invisible - futile.

The subject of the argument was not important for what it showed me - what it showed me was that there are users on the network who don't respect what it does. Twitter gives parity to peoples opinions in platform, but not in weight. You cannot just say something and expect it to be accepted or unchallenged.

When you do challenge and someone says "I am entitled to this opinion" I remind them that they are not.

But what I do see is that people forget that they have a social responsibility and a intellectual reaponsibility to back up their opinions and thoughts. You don't have to do it in a Tweet (140 characters is hard to format it all in) but it needs to be formed. Twitter's format means that this is probably not what everyone thinks. Having to type out ten different replies is something Twitter does poorly. There is also the legal responsibility - you are publishing, not messaging, and you can't libel just as I cannot here.

And it makes me a little bit sick to think that this is what Twitter appears to have become - idiots spouting bollocks is one thing, but idiots flaming, abusing, being racist or homophobic without thinking they are going to be caught or in trouble due to a misplaced concept behind the shield of "free speech". The more I see the media basing their stories on Twitter or actual tweets making the news, the more I don't want to be a part of it.

Which is a shame - it's like pandora's vox. Give the world free boundless communication and we can't help but fuck it up. Which is a shame.

We will see how Twitter goes but for now, a hiatus is needed to cleanse my pallet.