State of the Blog 2013

2012 was a good year for this blog - I wrote a lot (though not as much as before). I also felt really good about writing stuff on here too, and even tried my hand at doing some proper writing about stuff. I am looking to do more writing in my spare time (read my goals on Write in For Writing's Sake here, and have a look at my authored stories here (with many more planned for the coming year, I promise)).

In early January 2013 the blog surpassed 40'000 unique visitors since early 2009. That's a lot of people. Also, for the first time the blog passed over 2'000 unique visitors in a month - first, in November, and then again in January this year. Partly in thanks to people linking to my various posts, I think.

So yeah, more people read this than I had ever dreamed possible. So that's cool, and a little bit scary. I only know about ~200 or so people in my life and barely any of them read this. So that's around the capacity of a major football stadium that have at least once happened upon my humble wee blog. So that's cool.

Interestingly, the place that the most visitors have came from is the US, not the UK, with Texas the most visited from State, and Houston being the place where most people visit from. Pretty neat huh?

Here's a quirk - this post has had the most views of all, for some reason. Somewhere must be linking to it.