The Glad Cafe

A few years ago, good friend and blogging cohort Wander Navel Gazer writer Laura wrote a series of posts about places that she went during the day to have a tea or coffee and to write. I don't have time during the week to do this (and I prefer to write naked...*) but in the evening I do, and sometimes during the weekend there is a spare few hours that I like to take to myself.

I bumped into the Glad Cafe whilst driving home from work. Whilst my car idled and my mind wandered I noticed a new sign above a doorway that I'd completely forgotten existed. I later would mention it to a friend and they suddenly be very effusive in their comments about the place - "great place for a coffee" and "good venue too".

If you have read this blog before you'll be aware I like music: see my Wednesday Graveyard: "Live" podcast for proof. I also like my coffee. So, two things rolled into one via a personal recommendation? That is some serious flag waving. As with most things in Shawlands though, I forgot about it for a while. Then, just before Christmas, a friend told me about a gig he was putting on in London that I might be interested in - Loscil and Pye Corner Audio. I was very interested, but plans back then were for a trip to Canada in March, so I held off.

Then I found out that Loscil was playing in Glasgow - with Talvihorros, no less - and it was at this mysterious Glad Cafe.

So last week I finally went along to the cafe (having waited until I left Shawlands to go along, as per usual) and I wasn't disappointed. The cafe is down a long corridor sandwiched between to other shops. The corridor is nice and opens into quite a big room with a smattering of what appear to be old school chairs and some IKEA chairs (that also grace my own household). The bar is surprisingly tall, but also stocked with some draught beers which makes the Glad Cafe less a Cafe and more a Bar. This is the first place I've came across Williams Bros lager on draught, and after having a lovely and bitter black coffee, I got a beer.

It was great.

The cake I had was pretty good too - a Caramel shortcake, for those who enjoy details.

On leaving I noticed upon the grand piano a newspaper of sorts called the Glad Rag. I picked it up and leafed through it when I got home and was instantly impressed. It is a community based zine with writing, poetry, photos and other neat things, all wrapped in a clever and attractive printing design. I was struck by a phrase later on in the 'Rag

"There are no rules on submissions, the only criteria being quality"

That is a good motto for submissions, and after mentioning it to Laura (who dared me to submit, and if I do so will she) I became romanced by the idea of submitting something. Now, what to write...

I'll write a review of the venue area once I've seen Loscil there next week for this blog, if I get the time.

*This is a joke. You hope.