Write in for Writing's Sake Recents #4

#1, #2 and #3

I have set my self the goal of writing a short story for every single topic that Laura puts on the Write in for Writing's Sake site - a place where you use the title of topic to try and spark some inpspiration, and write something for it. So far this year I am 2 for 2, but we will see how long that lasts... 

I have posted my stories on here, but the last catch up post was back in December 2010, so here is a chronological list of my recent submissions...

I hadn't read this story, or remembered much about it, when looking back for this post. I can see what I was getting at with this story, yes. But the execution is poor in some places, and laboured. That is the point of Wifws though, I think - keep you going and pushing, working at something, and then at the end taking something from what you wrote. In this instance, I repeat myself a few times and resort to slang in one instance, which is two things I try to now look out for.

Why I Write
I've adapted this post for this blog a few times but have yet to post it - but instead of a story, this is an essay on why I like to write. And it ties in nicely with all the map drawing I've finally admitted to.
This is my favourite peice I've ever written, I think. I love the way it floats along. I love the imagery I've used. And it's literally the only time anyone has ever came up to me and actually wanted to congratulate me on a story, and discuss it's finer points. It was an alarming, but welcome experience.

Fey is the first part of a trilogy of related posts. I liked the idea of a connected universe, and the three characters I created deserved a bit more - they deserve a return. I will write a conclusion of sorts, but this first part is my favourite of the three.

Part 2 of the "trilogy" is the weakest, I feel, but deliberately feels the most removed from the rest. It takes place concurrently with part 3 in some way, but was the build up for a pay off that I've never quite finished. It would need a solid rewrite, and maybe it deserves one.

The current final part of the trilogy - and the one that links the other two, a bit. But the connection was meant to be stronger. I actually really like this one too, but only for the attempt at trying to describe how I felt upon hearing bad news. The character's awareness is supposed to be a sort of link to the idea that you are unaware of things you do until someone reminds you of them. But that might not have came across.

This one is another speculative letter, much like my letter from an imaginary friend. This one was written during a server bout of annoyance with work (can you tell?) but also was an exercise in finding a voice. I struggle with first person perspective, and it's really difficult to do it outside of a letter, in my mind, and I am still working on it.

Gone Fishin' 2013
My triumphant return! It had been almost a year between Gasconade and GF'13 and I took to the event with trepidation. I had two further stories on the boil before I realised that the one that was posted was the most interesting. Laura had mentioned in the past that my dialogue was sometimes written and punctuated poorly, so I took that as a challenge to get it right, and I am unsure I did. Also, tenses are my pitfall, and a few leaked through this post's final check, which is a shame. Still, I am very happy with the outcome.

Year of the Snake
This was a good bit of fun - I decided to write only one story, rather than a few, and this nameless Man was the first thing that popped into my head. It's part of a expanded concept called Dark City Sketches. There is a lot more in my head about what is going on, but that's kind of the point. The topic, Year of the Snake, is actually quite closely linked - originally I was going to have the eyes appear animalistic, but the horror of the ending is far more interesting, I feel.