Everyday in May

I have noticed that this year has been a lean year for my lonely blog - only a few posts each month, which is shameful. But I've had a lot of stuff going on recently and... blah blah blah. Excuses! I said no more excuses. So, to help me, I've signed up to do the Everday in May blogging challenge, thanks to Holly and Rosalilium, who have a neat 31 day blogging thing that I'm going to try.

It's essentially Write in for Writing's Sake, but with blog posts. And everyday. But yeah, going to do it (try to do it).

It starts tomorrow, so yeah. That's cool.

A rule that I am enforcing is that despite knowing the upcoming day's topics in advance, I am going to only post whatever I decide to post or write on that specific day. And I don't imagine it will be the only posts I will put up, breaking my other rule of one post per day.

See you tomorrow.