Stuck in the Wired Past

I have in the past few months butted horns with my internet provider, Virgin Media. 95% of the time their service is utterly brilliant, running at 28Mbps most of the time, which utterly smashes the BT and O2 previous records of 6Mbps. So yeah, can't really complain.

Until, I have reason to. When I had O2 internet, the router dropped a lot. I called O2 to ask for help and their response was measured and they walked through a range of options, of which I'd already done, and ended up at the point where they asked me to plug my router into my computer via an Ethernet cable.

So, I responded that I didn't have one. And even if I did, what would I do with it? I have an iPhone, and iPad, and Xbox and a second iPhone connecting to it more than my Mac, which at that point wasn't being used. I can imagine being what is called "post-PC" and not even having a Mac or PC at all.

The other strange problem was that the tools O2 wanted me to use only work on Windows PCs (Windows Vista above, too) which irked me.

I have recently had my Virgin Media dropping out. Over Twitter I talked with Virgin, not exactly helping me out. I've Storified it here.

So... my point? I don't live in the same world as tech people anymore, and I don't have tonnes of Ethernet cables lying about (not that I ever did). No everyone will have a computer. And not everyone will know what you are talking about, companies. So you need to move on.

Also, as a side bar, Virgin's throttling thing is a bit crap. Why offer 30Mb and HD video capability only to pull me back when I use it? Seems odd. Akin to a car company penalising me for driving my car at 70mph. I'll have more thoughts on this soon, I reckon.