If I had expected my blog to last beyond a few posts, I probably would have spent more time cataloging other things, and used the tagging system better back then. I mean, 2007 is a long time ago in internet terms, and it's even longer ago in my life. I've changed a lot, and I think for the better in a lot of ways.

I apologise for not following through on the Everyday in May blogging; life took over and that was fine.

I wonder if I will still be blogging in another 600 posts. The blog is slowly reaching over 3000 visits a month which is astonishing. I wonder a lot about things these days, I think because the future seems less like a place I am going to, but one where I live right now. I am living in the future.

Today I completed the form that I have to fill out to apply for chartered engineer status. When I started I didn't really care about the title, but now I feel like this is an important moment in my career; not just a title, or a payrise, but a legitimised way of furthering my qualifications.

I will be going hillwalking this weekend with my dog.