A Day in my Life

Everyday in May

A Typical Day in My Life:

5.30am - Wake up. I have been using a new alarm clock that you can shake to send it to sleep, so that helps with the super early mornings.
6.00am - Get up. I then stumble blindly towards my towel and then into the shower. I spend about 10 to 15 minutes showering and then dry my hair and get dressed. Today is a work day, so I'll be wearing a shirt, slacks, a tie and a jumper probably. I over dress for work - some guys don't even wear a tie!
6.15am - Go and wake up the puppy. Recently he's been whining to get my attention as I change, but he sleeps downstairs and is normally very well behaved once I actually get near him. We go out side into the garden straight away and on some days we go on a 30 minute walk around the neighbourhood.
6.45am - Come back home and fed the dog. I then have a bowl of cereal as I read my phone - Twitter, Facebook, BBC News, my own blog's stats. The usual.
7.00am - Say good bye to Connie and put the dog back in his crate. I then grab my pre-made lunch and pop it into my bag and leave the house.
07.05am - This is the latest I can leave the house at to make the 07.25 train to Bellshill. The walk takes around 15 minutes and I like to get there just before the train does.
07.25am - Train leaves.
07.35am - Train arrives. I then wait 10 minutes for the bus to the business park.
08.00am - Arrive at work. My computer takes about 20 minutes to start up, so I pop my lunch in the fridge and then make a coffee. I have my own percolator and coffee in work as the machines are rubbish.
12.00pm - Lunchtime. Nothing fancy here.
1.00pm - Start "work" again.
5.00pm - Get the bus outside the office back to the train station. The train is at 5.23pm so there is plenty of time to get there.
5.50pm - Get home at this point and get change into my work out clothes.
6.00pm - Start workout. This is almost every day now, which is great. I am going to blog about it another time.
7.30pm - Our gym is in the garage, so we can take as long as we want. After the work out, we make dinner and then after that it's relaxation time!
10.00pm - Normally when I get ready for bed.


And repeat.