Bank Holiday Fun

Everyday in May

Today's topic is "bank holiday fun", which essentially seems to suggest that I shouldn't be at work - but I am. I actually do most of my writing on breaks and at lunch whilst at work, finding it a soothing distraction from the endless battles with politics in the office and unwieldly syntax errors in Excel (that's actually a joke; I am a master of Excel and can make it dance in very complex ways at my bidding).

I don't do bank holidays. I get the days off in lieu and use them on other days of the year, which is my preferred option - I am not a fan of having a day off when everyone else is off and places are shut.

I actually really dislike bank holidays - they seem like such a hangover from an older age, where the world wasn't always connected, or on. For example - last month, Easter Weekend coincided with my car needing to be re-insured and re-taxed. It was the perfect example of the ridiculousness of a day where things are shut in this day and age - I couldn't tax my car without my new car insurance documents which were delayed by the postal service being shut, and neither could I tax my car over the phone because the DVLA was shut. Thanks to Royal Mail being closed, the DVLA being closed, and the delays that result from them, I was unable to legally drive my car for a week despite doing everything within my power to comply with the rules.

It rankled a lot.

I know I am being "bah humbug" about something that gives people time off work, something that is hypocritical when considered with what I wrote a few years ago. It just feels like a hangover for an age long gone.

Add to that my ignorance of most of the holidays (I actually have no understanding why May has a few bank holidays in the first place, and a read at a very dry Wikipedia page didn't really help my understanding) I really can't be doing with them. I'll take my days off on days the rest of you are at work and I'll go hillwalking, drinking tea, or visiting castles.