Fit and Healthy

Everyday in May

(I missed yesterday - sorry)

Getting fit an heathly is an on going thing for me. For too long I was ignorant of how food and lack of exercise would affect me, partly because I have one of those dreaded fast metabolisms. It wasn't until I moved to Texas and had a free for all on food where i realised the problem that I was about the have - I gained a fair chunk of weight.

To combat this I surrendered my car and walked to work to burn off a lot of the weight, and that continues now I am back in Glasgow, using the train and bus four days a week.

Walking is only part of it - I eat healthier too. Texas taught me that fresh food is hard to find - the meats in the supermarkets there were borderline dreadful. It also taught me how much I loved eating fresh food which now makes up 90% of what I eat.  Almost never prepackaged, 100% fresh fruit and vegetables. It's amazing that I get to do that too.

But recently I have changed something - I have started working out. We picked up a bench and free wieghts and now I am entering week five of a twelve week programme that will give me a more defined and lean body, something that I have never had an interest in. Pretty amazing, right? It's already hooked me, and I have a wish to really push it.

Connie has mentioned to me a few times that as someone who did very little competetive sport as a child I have a lack of breaking through the pain barrier - almost giving up too soon. I've not had to do that before and weight lifting is teaching me to do so.