Pets (Revisited)

Everyday in May

I have blogged about having Pets before and then since I got a dog, I've posted about him a lot. Here's a run down of all the Uncle Frank posts.

Original Post about Pets pre-Frank from 2011 which explains my original aversion to dogs.

Uncle Frank
Say Hello to Uncle Frank where I introduce the idea of a puppy and has a shot of him at four weeks old.
Uncle Frank's First Four Weeks and which there is a detailed description of how hard and fun the whole thing has been since day 1.
Uncle Frank's Family Holiday - our first ever family holiday.
Uncle Frank and His Harness - a video of my young puppy battling his first ever harness.
Uncle Frank's New Tricks - a rundown of the then progress with his tricks and teaching him to obey me. He now understands "Do you need to go out?" and "Go and get the ball/snake/rope/bone/Kong".
Uncle Frank's Procedure - I agonised over giving him the chop in this post.
Locked Out - a favourite post of mine where I detail how I got locked out of my car whilst walking Frank.
Uncle Frank and His Names - a list of names Frank has at various points.
Frank's Life Through a Lens - photos of the dog from the past 10 months.

He's a great dog, and everyday I am very happy to have him in my life and share it with him.