NFL Fantasy Football Week Zero

Last week I made a decision to start taking part in a NFL Fantasy Football League. Joining with cohorts from a popular indie music message board, I slotted into Division II as the Glasgow Half-Canadians. I immediately started work at figuring out how the league is set up, and I strongly believed that I could gather a good team out of the draft system.

My team logo - a Charles Rennie Mackintosh styled G (stolen from Glasgow Central) and a Canadian Maple Leaf. Colours of my team and Gold, White and Red. Not sure what my mascot is.

The draft system, a peculiarity  to someone brought up on European Football (Soccer), was something I had to get my head round when I first embarked upon American Football and the NFL, as well as the NHL in turn. The draft system, put simply, allows players from college and other teams to be selected into a pool of aspiring players of all positions. The teams are them given a draft order (in the NFL there is 32 teams, and each team's position in the order is determined by their final standing in the last year's season in reverse - so a team who won the Superbowl will be drafting last) and the decides in which order you can pick a player. Draft picks are so important that the can be traded for players, other picks, and even for future picks in future drafts.

The system provides another level of intrigue in the League, and prior to the NFL draft there is the NFL Combine, where players prove themselves to be fit to be in the league. Anyone can be selected for the combine - even female players.


The fantasy league works quite differently from fantasy football in the UK. You are put into a league with another set of teams - in mine, eleven other brave souls. You then have to pick from a finite selection of players a unique team in a predetermined draft order. That was difficult - many players I wanted were chosen by others and vice versa. The team I ended up with was pretty good, I think, and I hope it does well over the season.

QB Newton, Schaub 

RB Arian Foster, Lamar Miller, Pierre Thomas 

WR Fitzgerald, Jackson, Boldin, Blackmon, Holmes, Randle, Sanu 

TE Davis 

K Tucker 

DEF Packers

My first game is this Thursday against The Chumpions, and the league is predicting a victory for my team amusingly, and quite neatly has a pre-game news report that I quite enjoy, and it is a nice touch. I am excited to see how the game goes, and I will update here as I go on.