Notes on Flying

This post was drafted over the course of a flight from Glasgow to Toronto. Here are some random and miscellaneous notes on my journey:

- A baby is kicking my seat a lot. I was ready to be all pissy about but I have decided to not, partly because it doesn't really matter as I have had too much coffee to be able to sleep, and also I don't particularly think that the baby is doing it vindictively. I don't think it even knows who I am.

- I saw the Scotland national football team in the airport ahead of their game against Macedonia. I recognized a few of them, firstly noticing Shaun Maloney alone and then a group of more famous players, such as Alan Hutton and Scott Brown. I had left Eat. where I had bought the warmest coffee I have ever met, and was sitting alone in a big area of seats, which were slowly filled with the players. After a few photos were taken of the seats by coy passers-by, I finished my coffee and bid them farewell, a telling them Good Luck for their upcoming game. I found a photo on twitter of them sitting at the seats and in the corner you can see my kilt bag. I can't link it here though.

- The movies in the plane are crap. Some waffle with Billy Crystal and Bette Midler (I think) and then some bird hunting movie with That Jack Black, Steve Martin and Owen Wilson. I can lip read quite well, so I can watch it whilst listening to the new Nine Inch Nails, which is far more pleasurable. 

- Speaking of pleasure, I watched Dredd prior to leaving, and it was fantastic. Seriously, well worth checking out. It's on US Netflix.

- The baby is still kicking, which is actually quite good. Reminds me that there still is a world out there.

- Using the iPad to write these messages is much easier than I remember, the Blogger app must have been updated. This is the first time I have used an iOS device since leaving for Android and it is funny how much I have changed my habits, as I keep looking for the persistent back button, clicking the sleep button in the wrong place, and the way the iPad handles misspelled words is pretty poor compared the guessing nature of the Google keyboard. 

- So towards the end of this flight they have handed out a nice little snack, a pizza that I guessed was margarita, which was really tasty. And then after I finished my slice the guy came round and offered me a second. Lovely stuff. 

- The third movie that they are showing is one with Zac Efron (which took me a long time to figure out, as I had to rely on my own mental prowess without access to Wikipedia). The film also stars the blonde actor from Orange is the New Black (I think, I can't verify this at the moment), probably the best new TV show I have watched in a long time. Interestingly, I think, the most interesting characters in it are not the main character, so I hope for the second season they expand it out rather than focusing on the cliffhanger-laden final episode of season one, despite how impressive it was.

- This movie also has one of the creative team that worked under Peggy in Mad Men season five in it, but I have no idea of the characters name, despite really liking him. 

- The baby is no longer banging their feet on my chair, which is nice, but I don't know when it stopped as I had entirely tuned it out.

- The guy sitting in front of me must have holes burnt into the back of his baldy napper from my glares as he has for the whole flight leaned his seat back into my personal space, and it really affects the usability of the iPad. I would pay extra money to be in a seat that has a restriction on the seat in front to avoid doing this.

- I have been very bored on this flight, as its the first one in years that doesn't have a TV system in the seat in front, and also the first in years without my partner in crime. Actually this is the first flight I have undertaken since Christmas 2011/2012. It is still shit.

- I think we have started our descent.