The Enduring Cliche

As the trip to Canada approached I relished the time off from work and the break that it would bring - three weeks away from the office and a break from the madness that is Two Phase flow 

Remember that post about Steady State and Dynamics? Well two phase flow can be steady state for the most part, if that is how you want to approach it, but in most cases it has subtleties that make it a difficult thing to model and calculate correctly. Basically this is because that in certain fluid scenarios (mixtures, density, components, orientation, pressure and temperature all play significant parts) the fluid does fancy things, like the liquid moving at a different velocity (at a different point inside the pipe) to that of the vapour, and even then there is the lovely interface between the two, where... It's neither liquid or a gas.

Interesting? Actually, yes it is, but it is very hard to describe and calculate, which means that you have to make a load of assumptions and various correlations which makes a simple three line calculation in single phase literally seventy pages of calculation.

Anyway I digress.

Another added thing that occurred as the trip got closer to starting was that more people found out about it. I keep a lot of personal life stuff hidden from view, but it is hard when a lot of the people that you work with are your best friends, and one has been since I was 13 years old. Also, it is even harder when a lot of the team have worked with your father since... Well, before I was born. But I do, and that seems to work for the most part.

The usual thing that someone would say to me is the cliched "are you sure?" And other variants of that phrase. It is interesting that it is seen as socially acceptable to joke about the fact that my life long commitment to some one, and that the first thing you'd say about it is that. Why? It is meaningless. There is a strange fascination in my workplace amongst certain men to joke about their other halves and paint them in the light that they make their existence utter hell. It's is obviously not the case for the majority of them, so why do it?

I am unsure. It must be related to the idea that they have to have a common joke or thread in which to talk about. It is the same thing that makes people automatically assume that you like football, an olive branch. But the football question is far more obvious, and I am an anomaly in that I am a grown Glaswegian that doesn't follow one of the two main teams in my city.

Since I noticed this I have exercised caution in playing along, but also of not showing my disapproval too much, because what is the point in that? They don't mean what they are saying, they are just saying it because it is something to say, and really it is me being overly sensitive. They are well meaning, and did wish me well when it came to the last afternoon.