NFL Fantasy Football: Week Seven Check-in

Seven weeks ago I posted that I'd be taking part in my firstNFL Fantasy Football league this year, and posted that I'd keep an update on the week’s progresses, and as always I’ve not done that – partly because I’ve been away and back from Canada and getting married and stuff in that time. But now that work has calmed down, and I have had a few moments to my self, I can update that my fantasy weeks have actually been really good.

With Monday Night Football still to play to finish out Week Seven I can say that I have already lost this week’s game, which will take me to 4-3 for the season, a pretty middling performance in real terms, but I was on a streak of four wins in a row – which obviously means that I started the league campaign with two losses. Turned out that I had no idea how to draft a team that actually would work. So I made some major changes, sacrificing some pride and players I would have preferred to have not had to trade or drop out of the team.

In Week 2 I added Joique Bell to the team, dropping Mohammed Sanu. This was my first waiver wire transaction and taught me the league. It wasn’t until the 28th September I really started to make changes. That week I added Jerricho Cotchery, Alex Henry and the Cardinals to my team, dropping Justin Tucker, Rueben Randle and the Packers out. Also in this week I made my major shift – trading with LondonRiots my QB draft pick Matt Schaub and wide receiver and highly tipped Anquan Boldin from Kendall Wright and Philip Rivers as QB. It was a major shift in my strategy and really shifted my team into a new gear – that week I won and started to win.

As of the end of Week Six, I was leading the league with the average game score with around 104 per game (an average that will have dropped due to week seven’s abysmal performance) and had steadily climbed into a playoff spot. I was third in the league and enjoying myself.

Of course, the league is all about luck – in week seven I was playing a team who were 1-5 and bottom of the league, yet five of my players refused to score, with a combined total of 10 points, whereas in week six no player on my team scored less than double figures. And so my streak ended.

As week seven ends I have some changes to make – Foster, my star RB, is looking likely to be dropped due to injury, and that he is on a bye this coming week, and I might need to replace him. A bye might help him gain his fitness back though.

Here is my current (week seven) team.

QB – Cam Newton
RB – Arian Foster
RB – Lamar Miller
WR – DeSean Jackson
WR – Larry Fitzgerald
TE – Vernon Davis
W/R – Kendall Wright
K – Caleb Sturgis
Def – Eagles

QB – Philip Rivers
RB – Joique Bell
RB – Brandon Bolden
RB – Pierre Thomas
WR – Jerricho Cotchery
WR – Terrance Williams

 You can follow the league here.