Announcement: The Wednesday Graveyard is now the Monday Graveyard

A long time ago I used Spotify to start making "weekly" playlists of music that I had been listening to. Just this past week the seventy-fourth playlist was posted (and that's just in the weekly playlists, don't forget all the special playlists) and the Almanac playlist has hit over 1000 tracks and 3 days of continuous music from all those playlists.

Then, in 2012, I started the Wednesday Graveyard: "Live", a Mixcloud hosted podcast style radio show. I managed two full series and two episodes of series three before a previously unexplained hiatus - the reason for the gap of months and months between episode 3.2 and the probably still to come episode 3.3 is partly down to the wedding (I couldn't find a free four hours of concentration) and the fact that I no longer have a MacBook on which to record the show. Instead I redoubled the Wednesday Graveyard weekly playlists.

A few months ago I spoke to my sister in a slightly jokey way about her getting me a show on Pulse 98.4 FM, a community radio station based in Barrhead. She was then made head of production and said she'd look into it, but nothing really came of that. However, a few weeks ago she pointed out that Neil of the wonderful Scottish Fiction blog and podcast, posted a listing for new presenters on Pulse and I pitched a show - originally planned to be entitled the Long Drawn Out Soul but later I thought that the Monday Graveyard worked best - partly because it was a spin-off of the Wednesday Graveyard, but also it's slot 11pm to 12am on a Monday night.

And so, I can now announce that I will be on Pulse 98.4 starting in December.

The show is focused on a few key areas - mostly electronic music, but focused on IDM, ambient, bleep, neo-classical, drone and the occasional minimal techno. Basically, if you've listened to either my Turquoise Hexagon Sun, Long Drawn Out Soul, or Wednesday Graveyard: X series of playlists you'll know what you're in for, but for those that don't you'll be hearing a range of new and old ambient electronic music from artists all the way from John Cage, the pioneer of the genre, through classics such as Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada and Brian Eno, to the more recent Tim Hecker, Loscil, Nathan Fake and others. Along the way I'll be seeking out Scottish artists to be showcased on the show as well as many other artists from all over the world.

I have yet to have a first show (my first show will be prerecorded and probably air on the 2nd December) - still a few things to sort out before that, but I'll keep you all in the loop and you can tune in weekly on Mondays using the Pulse website, the Tunein Radio App, or if you're in south Glasgow, tune in to 98.4 FM. I'd love you to.