Everyday Value

To start, a maths problem.

1. A carton of own brand budget orange juice from Tesco costs 65p. A carton of own brand orange juice from Sainsbury's costs £1.15. 
a. Which is cheaper? (1) PS
b. How many cartons of juice from Tesco could you buy with the same amount of money that 4 cartons of Sainbury's orange juice costs? (1) PS
c. Which one tastes better? Justify your answer. (3) KU


A few months ago I popped into our local Tesco. I was cheating on our actual grocery shop, the local Sainsbury's, because we needed milk and probably a restock of bread. Anyway, I went to pick up some juice too and noticed that there were a few extra options missing from the Sainsbury's juice counter. There was a really cheap carton of juice, Tesco "Everyday Value" range.

I picked up the Apple and Orange juice and took them home and since that fateful evening I've sworn by them. I do enjoy a good carton of juice, and these ones are made of concentrate and so aren't "fresh", but they taste in my opinion very nice indeed.

But the price! For the cost of one carton of Tropicana (or Innocent, whatever is on sale) I can buy three to six cartons of the other stuff. This led me to seek out other Everday Value range items:

Cornflakes (500g)
Tesco Price: 31p
Main Brand: Kelloggs
Price: £2.08
Saving: 85% (£1.77 or 5.7 boxes of Tesco Cornflakes for every 1 box of Kellogg's)
Review: These are passable. They taste like the cornflakes you get at hotels, but better because they are less stale. Their taste is exactly as they need to be.
Sore: 7/10

Milk Chocolate Digestives (300g)
Tesco Price: 44p
Main Brand: McVitie's
Price: £1.50
Saving: 71% (£1.06 or 2.4 packets of Tesco biscuits for every 1 pack of McVitie's
Review: I think these are excellent. The chocolate layer is nice and thick and the biscuit part isn't as soft but just as salty as the main brand.
Score 9/10

Orange Juice (1 litre)
Tesco Price: 65p (note: from concentrate juice)
Main Brand: Tropicana (note: Tropicana is not from-concentrate)
Price: £2.28
Saving: 72% (£1.63 or 2.5 cartons of Tesco juice for 1 carton of Tropicana)
Review: Okay, not a fair comparison maybe but in terms of my shopping habits, it is - and the taste of the Tesco stuff doesn't compare to the Tropicana stuff in a taste test (probably) but I find it just as refreshing and tasty anecdotally. So there's that.
Score: 8/10

Each week by buying these ^ I save £4.46, or £223 a year (assuming a 50 week year). Pretty insane.

Answers to the above.
1a - Tesco
1b - 4 x £1.15 = £4.60. £4.60 / £0.65 = 7.07 = 7 cartons. (-1 mark for use of remainder)
1c - Any; as long as answer is justified.