The Gallery of Old Logos Part III: 2013

In 2011 I posted a comprehensive list of "old logos", or a list of the images that I had used up ^ there as my Blog header, a feature that I really enjoy and regularly like to change. Back in the day though I used to make quite incredible graphical efforts, but now I just sit on a photograph I like and the text that you see above. It has been this way for... well, years now. Remember, and you might not, that this blog used to be called The Crashing Sound of Insanity Impacting Reality which is such a pithy title, before changing to simply The Crashing Sound of Insanity and then, in 2010, changing it to just The Blog of Mark Shields.

So anyway, since 2012 is over, and so too is 2013 almost, here's a slight update to this series - the ones from the past 12 to 18 months. Enjoy.

The Gallery of Old Logos (Part I)
The Gallery of Old Logos Part II: 2011 and 2012

The sky one is taken from a photo I took in April 2012 that was actually used as a previous blog header, but a different cropping of the photo. The second one is of Eilean Donan castle, that famous one, and it's one of my favoruite photos I've ever taken (or Connie has taken, I am unsure who took it).

And that's it. Wierd, huh?

Well, not quite it - see, I have another blog now, and also had a Wedding Blog.

So I copied the style of this blog over there, as it was easier to deal with. I never linked to it from here partyl because... well, you weren' tall invited, and it was mostly just an information blog to find out stuff about the wedding and Canada. I am going to deactivate it once we have sorted out some photos.

Of course I now have Monday Graveyard as a blog, and it's header is too similarly based on the ones I have made for this blog.

This photo was taken at the Cathkin Braes.

So yeah, in 2014 who knows what the blog will end up looking like. Who indeed!